Meet The Guys

Garage Guy Chase

Chase Holden is the Founder of Garage Guys Fantasy Sports. During his childhood, Chase fell in love with the sport of baseball, and played up until his junior year in high school. After becoming more occupied with playing music, boozing, and dancing with Mary Jane, he set sports aside and wasn't reunited until 2012 when he was invited to play Fantasy Football by some college friends for the first time. It was then that Chase realized he had a mission. Once he talked his friends into forming a league, he became more wrapped up in the world of fantasy sports. So much that in 2017, Chase decided to start The GGFS Podcast. Chase quit his career as an Insurance Agent and left a normal life in the dust determined to take Garage Guys to the masses. Chase found himself becoming more in tune with NASCAR as time went on, and helped construct one of the top NASCAR DFS teams in the Fantasy Sports industry with his contributions to the fantasy sports website RotoBaller. His vision of making Garage Guys one of the up and coming alternative media brands in NASCAR is coming to fruition, and he still loves to talk about other sports each week with Chef Boi on the GGFS Podcast. Chase is a two time NASCAR DFS tournament winner, and NASCAR bettor.
March 10, 1992

Chef BoiRDeen

Co Founder
Since the depressing moment of realizing he was not athletic enough to play college basketball, Drew has looked for ways to ignite his competitive nature. Beginning at the age of 18, Drew spent free time mastering and playing in Texas Holdem Poker before transitioning into the DFS world. At age 23, Drew began playing DFS as more than a hobby. He is already a 20-time DFS tournament winner with NASCAR being some of the biggest wins. While on one of the wildest adventure weekends of his life, Drew attended Mullet Toss Weekend at the FloraBama and Talladega Sunday during the same weekend. Coincidentally, this is where Drew inevitably met the Garage Guy and set off the chain of events that has led to today. You will be hard-pressed to find a more passionate consumer of sports than Drew – especially in the areas of NFL, NBA, college hoops, and NASCAR. While he has you covered in the areas of research, analytics, and analysis behind the scenes, his preferred form of “talking sports” is through informal discussion and banter on what his takeaways are from a game. On top of Drew's expert analysis and experience within the Sports and Fantasy Sports industry, his on-camera personality can best be defined by his confidence, versatility, dry wit, sarcasm, and southern accent. All of these factors made him an ideal fit to partner with the wild, loud, and “all over the place” energy of Garage Guy Chase.
November 2, 1992