Mark Ingram Suspension, Matt Patricia Allegations, R.I.P Tommy The Toad, Netflix Shows That Will Kill You.

There’s too much BS going down in the NFL with their PED rules so we clarify with the Mark Ingram case. Matt Patricia was diddling allegedly. Garage Jam is Pray by Sam Smith then we go into the remembrance of Tommy The Toad and tell you Netflix shows that will make you hurt and a lot of shit in between.

Garage Guys Cinco De Drinko, Nascar Talk With Big Joe, Garage Talk Blondes Vs Brunettes

Its Cinco De Mayo and were giving you one of the most lit podcasts we have ever uploaded to the interverse. This week’s show is slam packed with continued NFL draft talk, NBA shenanigans and we introduce Big Joe to give you some red hot NASCAR talk. We roll into the Garage Jam (CLOSE by Rae Sremmurd) then get into a hot and heavy debate with Fiesta and Ciesta to determine once and for all who is better, Blondes or Brunettes.