NASCAR Late Caution At The ROVAL Results In Christopher Bell Win and Gamblers’ Frustration

NASCAR gamblers’ were sent for a ride on Sunday during the Bank of America ROVAL 400 in Charlotte where a late race caution caused mass chaos. Chase Elliott was the favorite to win the race, and after dominating the race for the majority of Stage 3, his day ended in disaster.

Christopher Bell won the race after two restarts, getting the leg up on drivers like Kevin Harvick, Tyler Reddick, and AJ Allmendinger. The Joe Gibbs racing driver got his second win of the 2022 NASCAR season, but the way in which he won was not fun for race fans and gamblers alike. With less than 10 Laps to go in the race, a track advertisement made its way onto the track, and how it got there is still being investigated by fans and experts alike.

Some say that a driver most likely struck an area that caused the sign to fall off and fly onto the track, while others believe this was the act of the Caution Hackers (Press Play on the video below if you are not familiar with the Caution Hackers and how they conduct business).

Unfortunately, the Caution Hackers use encrypted networks so it’s tough to say if they are at fault, but regardless, gamblers are furious after having one of the cleanest running NASCAR races of the year. NASCAR DFS Expert Ryan Stevens had this to say post-race.

BIG PLAYER and NASCAR Titan Greg Matherne had this to say about the ROVAL race after being one of the best NASCAR Gamblers in the industry.

NASCAR Experts Garage Guy Chase and Dale Tanhardt have made statements on Twitter with BIG TIN FOIL HAT ENERGY and believe that the entertainment industry may be corrupting motorsports.

Who knows what will come of this, other than thousands of dollars lost now with more intermediate tracks coming up, we have other vehicle issues to worry about. The moral of the story is to bet with caution and check out Garage Guys Fantasy Sports’ new Betting and DFS strategy coming this week ahead of the race at Las Vegas.


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