Garage Guy’s NASCAR RePorT: Atlanta Motor Speedway

Welcome to the first NASCAR RePorT on Garage Guys Fantasy Sports Dot Com. It me Garage Guy (offishal RePorTor) and I just got back from the all new Atlanta Motor Speedway. This track is in Atlanta in case you were unsure, but its ok because if you watched the race you probably thought we were in Daytona.

The racing was pretty fucking cool, but alot of people are complaining because unfortunately god gave people the ability to complain about things for no reason. This track needed something to put asses back in the seats, and SMI did just that. But dont take my word for it, take this video instead.

That was my introduction to the article. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks.

Day 1: Hello Atlanta, We’re Here

Early Saturday morning, me and Dale arrived at Atlanta Motor Speedway to find a slap full infield of campers, busses, tents, and random sheds that people sell in weird places on backroads attached to trailers. I wasn’t surprised one bit by this, but was amazed to see it with my own two.

Once the sun came up, and we made friends with the neighbors, I got up on their bus platform to see an even better view of the infield and track. At that moment, it was time to unleash full Georgia power for the weekend, so I took a shower in the local shower house and threw on the Bill Elliott Georgia Rocket Man tee.

Dale decided to go with the Rainbow warrior drip, and because we are modern day Calvin Klein’s of NASCAr, It paid off to just do us way bigger than expected (you’ll read about it later so keep reading or you wont get to read it).

Once we officially checked in, we recorded the Garage Guys NASCAR Race Preview Show on that bus, and got to show off how beautiful the race track was. The only thing that separated it from the construction roads on I-10 was the fact that you couldn’t smell fresh tar, or see some random guy smoking a cig and waving a flag to direct traffic.

Practice came and went, and pretty much show’d us Zane Smith (nothing) because in superspeedway racing, its just cars using air to make science speed. We threw our darts on the sportsbook and prepared for what came next.

NASTRUCKS & NASFINITY: First Dibs On ASS (Atlanta Superspeedway)

NASTRUCKS kicked off the racing weekend with some excitement until John Hunter Nemecheck blocked the entire field of non KBM trucks from one lap down. People were pissed, but I say the man did a damn good job and deserves a raise. Teamwork makes the dream work and It positioned Corey Heim to win his first NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race.

I wrote my first NASTRUCKS article giving out DFS plays for the race, and I broke even on the truck day using the four picks I gave. I was happy with that because I didn’t lose anything, and most of the Garage Fam won a lil cheddar so thats a W in my book.

Next up was NASFINITY, and my lord what a race that was. You bit your nails til the end at who was going to take the win, and you also saw me, Dale, and Moonhead having a life talk on pit road during a caution.

That was the true highlight of the race if you ask me, and Im willing to accept caption contests on this photo, and the millions of other screenshots of this moment captured as it happened. Whoever makes the best one will win a retweet and a personal video message from iRacing Celebrity and Superstar “Hot Lap Henry”.

If you’ve never heard of Hot lap Henry, you probably have poor taste in iRacing content. Heres a video of HLH testing out the new NASCAR Ignition 21 game.

The race had risers, fallers, fans eating hot dogs, fans cheering, etc. and Ty Gibbs ended up bringing it home doing some Madden 2004 Michael Vick matrix type shit. The kid was made in a lab. Im convinced.

After this race I caught up with a few pals in the garage and headed to grab a bite to eat (The food was good FYI). I watched my first Legends car race in person that night as well, and I am still upset that those guys don’t wear suspenders and talk like mobsters from the 1920’s. Imagine what a show that would be.

Overall it was a great Saturday, but the best was yet to come. I had a dream that night, but I cant remember it right now. Sorry.

Day 2: NASCAR Cup Series Racin’

Sunday morning is a scene that I’ll never forget. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to forget staying up almost all night writing, or maybe because the race was just that badass.

There were a few early wrecks, and one of them was a friend of the show Noah Gragson. Gragson was on fire in Phoenix in the Xfinity series the week before, but he was in smoke on Sunday in the Cup race. It was truly a shame.

More back and forth action went doen with 30 plus lead changes, and a mysterious spell on tires of the leader of that race. Reddick, Chastain, and Stenhouse all three that some turrible luck with that, because if not for the tires going down, one of them could have easily won this race.

It was Willy B (William Byron) who ended up taking the checkered flag tho, and low and behold Dale Tanhardt bagged it and brought it home for the fam.

Byron was +1400, but that wasn’t the end of the NASBAGS on Sunday. Dale also hit a 5 Leg matchup parlay (just take a minute to let that soak in), and I cashed in two Top 10 bets to add to the ultimate betting weekend thus far for the tracks that we have been to in person. DFS could have been better, but we’ll take what we got due to too much intermediate trust pre lock.

After the race me and some pals headed out to the actual track surface to recreate some images that were taken last season. If you haven’t seen them fear not, the discord is free.

Its always good to enjoy a race in person while doing work, but even better seeing some guys you know and have a quick catch up sesh followed by a group pick. I cant find the pic right now, but its in this collage on Instagram.

Go see it if you want to, idc (this is where I would list the instagram post, but i don’t feel like logging in on my computer. Might come back 2 fix it l8tr).

Atlanta RePorT: Conclusion

Atlanta Motor Speedway did a hell of a job to help the racing be more of a wild experience, and to see the success from it is fantastic. I’m know some people out there hated it, but Im fortunate to not be one of those people. This track is only going to drive more fans to the stands and cause for more business to develop outside the track over the years.

If I had it my way, OutKast and T.I. would headline the race next year in the Peach Pit. I just want to hear ATLiens while riding a random sky glider with a bunch of drunk people and strap a go pro to my head. The good news is that there is still plenty of time to figure out the moves for years to come, but Im happy it’s finally here.

Also shoutout to QuikTrip for putting gas station food in the media center and being a gas station nationwide. I went to a QuikTrip when I was a kid, and it was chill, but I think they need a QuickTrip on the property imo. It’s up to SMI and I feel like they already know what it is.

I will be going back to this fine new super speedway race soon, and this is all I have to report to you on this matter. So long race bois.

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