FR8 208: NASCAR Trucks DFS Driver Picks For DraftKings

Hey, it me, Garage Guy. You probably didn’t think you’d see me writing an article about NASCAR Trucks, but its time for the FR8 208 at Atlanta Motor Speedway and I have DFS Driver Picks for you. DraftKings has really upped their game with Trucks and Xfinity DFS tournaments, so you know I had to get involved.

Qualifying for the FR8 208 was set using the same methods from 2020 and 2021 due to the sky crying its ass off yesterday in Atlanta. This lead to some chalky plays, and with the new track configuration, this could serve as one of the most lucrative Truck races to date.

Keep in mind that Atlanta Motor Speedway is a whole new track modeled to be like a superspeedway, but not all the way. It’s going to be insanely fast with the new racing surface and banking, so I expect pure carnage. In case I’m wrong on that, I decided to roll out what I call “The Mixure”.

A “Mixure” is a set of lineups with heavy superspeedway structuring, as well as traditional intermediate stacks. This way ensures that we cover our bases, and I’ll be using this for NASCAR Xfinity and Cup as well.

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FR8 208: NASCAR Trucks DFS Driver Picks For DraftKings

#41 Ross Chastain (DraftKings – $10.7K)

Watermelon Man Ross Chastain is taking no time to rest before the Cup Series race on Sunday and is starting DEAD LAST in P36 on Saturday. We all know what Chastain is capable of behind the wheel of any racing machine, and I don’t know any other time we will see something like this ever again. This is what we call “Sidewalk Chalk”.

#38 Zane Smith (DraftKings – $9.6K)

Zane Smith has nothing, but now he has something. The 2022 Daytona Truck Champ is starting P25 thanks to science numbers and rain. This is a dream scenario on any occasion in a Front Row Motorsports Truck. Smith has proven skill and should make a saucy place differential potential play in your DFS lineups on Saturday.

#99 Ben Rhodes (DraftKings – $10K)

When I think about Ben Rhodes I will never not see him being drunk in his Championship interview with a flag cape on. Rhodes starts P15 and I can see him charging early in that mean looking Toyota Tundra. Some say Champions are cursed after their championship year, but I say TO HELL WITH THAT ITS NEW ATLANTA! Get rowdy with Rhodes this week, because you wouldn’t want to be on the outside looking in for that type of good time.

#12 Spencer Boyd (DraftKings – $6.6K)

Spencer Boyd is the one friend of the show that I always root for, and I’m glad to see him back behind the wheel after his shoulder injury in Las Vegas. This dude has some good luck on Super speedways, and with us not knowing what to expect, I’m excited to play this dude for the price he’s at. All I’m saying is, Don’t sleep on Boyd starting in P30.

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