FireKeepers Casino 400 at Michigan: NASCAR DFS Premium Rankings

We are closing in on the playoffs as the NASCAR Cup Series heads to Michigan for the FireKeepers Casino 400. The 550hp package will be used this weekend for this 2-mile track, and there will be 200 laps in total to consider for dominator points.

I rank every driver and tier them based on price. There is no sense to compare Chase Elliot to Quin Houff, but comparing Chase Elliot to Kyle Larson, for example, tends to make sense. The rankings will be posted first and represent the “initial pass” on my approach to the slate.

The notes represent my “second pass” and will provide more insight into how I am building lineups, what I have learned from looking around the industry, and mention any situations where I’m “hotter” or “colder” on anyone than when I set the rankings. For example, I may mention that there is a large gap in my interest level after the top three ranked drivers in a given tier. Another example would be to point out that drivers ranked 1-3 are interchangeable in terms of my interest. My suggestion is to enter multiple lineups and use the rankings and notes as a guide as you build lineups.

If you are a more serious player building 40+ lineups, I do suggest purchasing a lineup optimizer tool. These are affordable for our more advanced players and you can get them relatively cheap – especially if you are purchasing for NASCAR only. We will definitely look to partner with a third party or build one in-house for next season. If you need help selecting one, I’m here to help explain and recommend what you need. To reiterate – this is only for advanced players and you do not need this unless you have full command of the tool. In fact, it can do more harm than good if you do not know what you are doing.

NASCAR DFS Tiered Rankings – FireKeepers Casino 400

Chef’s CookBooks

Tier 1 Notes

Larson has the clear path to the early dominator points here if he takes care of business. Even if he doesn’t win the race, he can still more than pay off this salary as long as he dominates early and/or often. KFB is my 2nd favorite dominator, and there are some incredible place differential options here with Willy B, Joseph L, and Brad K. Hamlin was the toughest for me to rank because he has been great here, but has struggled more than expected with this package. I’m going to be doing my best to load up on this tier.

I see two options for strategy here in this tier. Going overweight or almost all-in on Larson and trying to find the right combo to go with him and spreading out ownership to guys like KFB, Brad K, Joseph L, and Hamlin. The other approach would be to go underweight on Larson at like 20% of your lineups and go overweight on the rest of the good plays in this tier.

Tier 2 Notes

If you are going heavy Larson and/or tier 1, you will be limited here. Especially on the top half of the price range. I’ll be heavy on Bell most likely, but the bulk of these guys I will be playing lightly. If you are taking the approach of underweight Larson, you could go over on guys like Elliot, Truex, and Blaney. As of my writing this, I just can’t bring myself to like any of these options nearly as much as Larson.

Tier 3 Notes

This is a tier and price range that you should see plenty of if you are prioritizing Larson and tier 1. Almost all of my exposure here is concentrated on rankings 1-5. Pretty straightforward thinking here that the starting positions make these drivers appealing today. Reddick is the only one with a mediocre starting spot, but he is priced down enough to play him.

Tier 4 Notes

I think the entire industry is going to gravitate to the same two punts with Mike Mac and Alfredo. It is pretty gross down here so I can’t say I want to be all that different. I really wish Bubba and Buescher were starting a little further back because that would change the conversation in my opinion. Berry replacing Lajoie today is someone I will take chances on in GPP.

Platform Insights (DraftKings/FanDuel)

I’m adding this section just to point out a few things across platforms as I’m building lineups. As a reminder, place differential, laps led, and fastest laps are more important on DraftKings. FanDuel is all about finishing position so your goal should be to get as many drivers that can finish inside the top 10/top 5.

  • Hamlin and Byron better prices over on FD but in play on both sites. 3rd and 4th most expensive on DK but outside of top 5 most expensive on FD.
  • The opposite of the above is true about Elliot and Truex. They are priced up on FD.
  • Preece is way more in play as a punt on FD. Remember, that punting rarely works on FD but he is 4.5k over there.

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