Pocono Organics CBD 325: NASCAR DFS Premium Rankings

It’s it – doubleheader weekend at Pocono with the Organics CBD 325 starting off the NASCAR Cup weekend. The starting lineup was set well in advance for race one, but we will see some funny business with the inversion for race two. It’s bag time, FAM!

I rank every driver and tier them based on price. There is no sense to compare Chase Elliot to Quin Houff, but comparing Chase Elliot to Kevin Harvick, for example, tends to make sense. The rankings will be posted first and represent the “initial pass” on my approach to the slate.

The notes represent my “second pass” and will provide more insight into how I am building lineups, what I have learned from looking around the industry, and mention any situations where I’m “hotter” or “colder” on anyone than when I set the rankings. For example, I may mention that there is a large gap in my interest level after the top three ranked drivers in a given tier. Another example would be to point out that drivers ranked 1-3 are interchangeable in terms of my interest. My suggestion is to enter multiple lineups and use the rankings and notes as a guide as you build lineups.

If you are a more serious player building 40+ lineups, I do suggest purchasing a lineup optimizer tool. These are affordable for our more advanced players and you can get them relatively cheap – especially if you are purchasing for NASCAR only. We will definitely look to partner with a third party or build one in-house for next season. If you need help selecting one, I’m here to help explain and recommend what you need. To reiterate – this is only for advanced players and you do not need this unless you have full command of the tool. In fact, it can do more harm than good if you do not know what you are doing.

NASCAR DFS Tiered Rankings – Organics CBD 325

Chef’s CookBooks

Tier 1

Larson’s ranked 4th solely because of his price. He still projects extremely well in terms of raw points as you see in the projections article. I’m choosing to go underweight but not completely fade. Like I mentioned on the preview video, if you want to play a lot of Larson, I think it is easier over on FD but FD lacks the laps led/fastest laps emphasis.

I’m going to ride the with PD plays Elliot and Blaney pretty heavily, and if it backfires, so be it. I’m playing all of the tier 1 guys and fading or going underweight on tier 2 so don’t get caught up in KFB being ranked 6th.

Tier 2

My main interest here is Brad K and Bowman. Outside of that a little Byron, I’m prioritizing tier 1 and hoping tier 2 kind of busts. They just don’t project well considering starting position and expected finish.

Tier 3

The main callout here is that I’m moving AD in front of Briscoe. Other than that, I’m limiting exposure to anyone outside the top 5 ranked here. My main plays in the mid range are lined up with how this is ranked.

Tier 4

I wouldn’t play anyone ranked past 8th on DK (davison) and past 5th on FD (Bubba). Some of these guys could be huge plays on the more expensive end of this tier. Especially with it helping you get the studs from tier 1.

Platform Insights (DraftKings/FanDuel)

I’m adding this section just to point out a few things across platforms as I’m building lineups. As a reminder, place differential, laps led, and fastest laps are more important on DraftKings. FanDuel is all about finishing position so your goal should be to get as many drivers that can finish inside the top 10/top 5.

  • Larson less of a price margin difference over on FD
  • Elliot and Blaney place differetial not factored in price over on FD
  • Because of bullet 2, it makes KFB and Hamlins price over on FD a little tough to justify.
  • Nice price on Buescher over on FD
  • Matty D priced on DK at 7.1k versus 8.2k on FD. Playable on both sites but the DK price is nice for roster construction.

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