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ACL Pro Shootout #2 – Draftkings Sportsbook Betting Odds, Picks

The ACL (American Cornhole League) Pro Shootout #2 kicks off Friday, June 4th at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY, and Draftkings Sportsbook is the go-to place for all your betting needs during the event. I’ve been passed down the odds and decided to make my picks after a month of being on Tour with Inside Tailgating and having the American Cornhole League as one of the primary sponsors. This is the first Non-NASCAR post on this site and I’m pretty stoked to be the first to write about a new sport and help you stack some cash on DK Sportsbook with the knowledge I’ve picked up.

The first thing I will say before getting into these picks is that cornhole isn’t just something you play at tailgates anymore. I’ve met some of these pros while on tour this year and their skill level is absolutely insane. One of the pros I’ve met along the way is Matt Guy, and the shit this dude can do with cornhole bags is out of this world.

Some may think the ACL is just a one gender sport, but what makes it an incredible league is that women compete at the same level as the men do. The ladies of cornhole are just as lethal and I had the pleasure of doing an interview with two of the top female athletes in the sport last week in Indianapolis. before moving on to my picks, take a look at my interview with ACL legends Allison Peters and Christine Papcke.

Keep up with all the American Cornhole League action by visiting and dont miss the ACL Pro Shootout #2 In Albany, NY on June 4th & 5th LIVE on CBS.

ACL Pro Shootout #2 – Albany, NY: DraftKings Sportsbook Betting Odds

Here you can find all the Odds for the ACL Pro Shootout On DraftKings Sportsbook. Be sure to get your picks in before the start of the event.

ACL Pro Shootout #2 : Picks For DraftKings Sportsbook

Matt Guy – Pro Mens Singles: +340 (DK Sportsbook)

Guy is the Tom Brady of Cornhole, and grabbing him at +340 is a damn steal. Not only do you have a Tik Tok in this article to prove it, but the man also just had Lasik Surgery. This means his eyesight is going to be insane, and he may not even miss a hole during the event. Feel comfortable putting more than one unit on this dude.

John Kitchin – Pro Mens Singles: +3500 (DK Sportsbook)

Kitchin is a guy that I have some confidence in for this weekend, and he could end up cooking up a damn feast of cash for your wallet at these odds. The man is just a champion and has the goods to prove it with an ACL Man of the Year award, and a W in the first ever Round Limit format. He’s a longshot according to Vegas, but the grease is hot in Kitchin’s Kitchen.

Allison Peters – Pro Womens Singles: +210 (DK Sportsbook)

Allison is one of my favorite professional Cornhole players, and also the first pro I met when we started the NASCAR Tailgate Tour in Darlington. You could say I’m biased, but the oddsmakers know what’s up by making her the favorite for this event. Peters is also a lefty, and lefties are highly sought after and know to tear shit up with their arms (just go watch left handed pitchers in baseball and you’ll see what I mean).

Shelia Roy – Pro Womens Singles: +1100 (DK Sportsbook)

Shelia Roy is a name that hits you with the confidence of 1000 suns, and I’m ready to slap the cheddar down on her as my longshot this weekend. I’ve never met Shelia, but I’m told her confidence is unmatched, and her drive to win is stronger than Stone Cold Steve Austin double fisting two Buds before slamming a chair in your face. Bring the energy with your money as Roy competes to win her first Women’s title on tour.

Matt Guy/Jamie Graham – Pro Doubles: +280 (DK Sportsbook)

If you want a dynamic duo to risk it all on this week, then look no further than the Guy/Graham combo. These dudes are a force of nature when playing with each other and have the wins to prove it. This combo took home the victory in Las Vegas earlier this year, and they can easily do it again as the favorites at this weekend’s event in Albany.

Storm Hogg/Jimmy Youmans – Pro Doubles: +2500 (DK Sportsbook)

Is it even required for me to write up why I would put money on these two to win it all? Just their names alone are PURE ELECTRICITY, but they also are hungry to put bag in hole this weekend! Hogg is a guy who would probably drive racecars if his arm wasn’t so damn good, and Youmans has shown promise in last year’s Round limit format (trust the gut here fam).

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