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O’Reilly Auto Parts 253: Premium NASCAR DFS Picks For DraftKings and FanDuel

After two insane road course finishes in the Truck and Xfinity series, my winning senses are starting to itch. Losing sucks, and for my first year truly paying attention to all three series, I’m beginning to wonder if I should stop watching for Dale’s sake. We put the house on Allmendinger today, and he tried to be a fucking hero on Stage 1, and shit all over our hopes and dreams to bag.

There’s no way in hell I can overexpose us to Allmendinger tomorrow due to the equipment he’s running in (and especially that psychotic price tag he has), but there is about a centimeter of hope that he can make a run for a Top 15. The guys I have hand-selected for us in this article are sacred. I even had my wife (The NASCAR White Witch) cast spells on them to ensure the bags come.

Before you read about the RC Gut Boi’s, you need to have a jam to get you in the money-making mindset. Back on Road has been a tune of mine that has allowed me to go 2-0 in my To Win bets at road courses and helped me finish in the green in DFS on both occasions. I’ve missed these skreets, and the skreets miss me.

NASCAR DFS Gut Bois – O’Reilly Auto Parts 253

#12 Ryan Blaney (DK- $10.4K | FD – $12.7K)

Blaney proved that he has what it takes to play on road, and he’s starting back in P27. Blaney had a bad finish last season at this track, but if we look at his Clash run, I’d say we were in for a good finish. His luck has to turn around at some point, and I’m calling a Top 5 finish for him on Sunday.

#14 Chase Briscoe (DK – $8.4K | FD – $8.7K)

Rookie Boi Briscoe is going to get to show us what he’s made of on Sunday back on road, and I think that he has what it takes to challenge that Elliott Boi. The few people I have discussed this with tell me I’m fucking psycho, but I really don’t care. Briscoe is the Gut Boi Special this week and I will be putting some money on him as well on Sunday.

# Erik Jones (DK – $7.8K | FD – $8K)

That Jones boi had some tough luck after being a favorite of mine at the 500, but that all is behind us now. Jones starts from P37 on Sunday, and that plus his decent finishes in the past at road courses made me almost have to lock myself in the bathroom for a while (don’t tell my wife). RPM isn’t RWR (sort of a Segway to my next pick) so you can rely on the equipment as long as Jones docent Twisted Metal the whip on Sunday.

#52 Josh Bilicki (DK – $4.9K | FD – $2.7K)

Josh Bilicki is not only a decent road course racer, but an appreciator of memes, and supporter of the Garage Fam (big fan of our insta). Now there may be tons of drivers that are cool with us, but I can’t risk bags on someone just liking us (Especially in RWR equipment). Try to avoid being concerned about his starting position (P23), because I fully expect Bilicki to be the one who could have a good finish out of all the low bois by taking it easy and slowly slicing through traffic. (Plus you can stack the FUCK out your lineups with heavy hitters if you use him).

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