NFL Week 17 Recap & Reaction: Lord Tanner Colson and Shenanigans Sunday

Recap the NFL Week 17 Sunday slate with Garage Guy Chase and guest host Tanner Colson while they react to every game from Shenanigans Sunday in the National Football League. (7:20) Tanner became a Lord over the holidays and Chase has some things he wants declared by Tanner that only a lord can make factual. They discuss highlights and big moments from the Sunday day and afternoon games.

(23:20) Tanner and Chase both feel Josh Allen is deserving of the NFL MVP Award, talk about his franchise record breaking performance along with the obliteration of the Miami Dolphins. (30:40) The Browns make the playoffs for the first time since 2002 and Chase thinks some people are being to hard on them due to their developed anxiety towards the Steelers.

(40:40) Cam Newton shows out, and Adam Gase officially gets fired and deserves to be a coach in the new Fan Controlled Football League with Johnny Manziel. (1:02:28) Urban Meyer could potentially take the head coaching job in Jacksonville Florida for the Jaguars and Chase thinks it’s a bad call. All this and more on this episode of the Garage Guys Fantasy Sports Podcast.

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