NFL Week 16 Recap & Reaction: Garage Guys Pro League Championship

Prepare for the NFL Week 16 2020 NFL Season Recap anf Pro League Battle Royale. Garage Guy Chase and Chef BoiRDeen are battling for a championship in the Garage Guys Fantasy Sports Pro League Fantasy Football league.

The Titans fell short to the Packers on Sunday Night Football and Matt Lafleur needs to choose which running back he likes best. Alvin Kamara tied the touchdown record for running backs in the NFL on Christmas Day and NFL Saturday showed us that Bruce Arians might be insane after Mike Evans topped the charts on DraftKings.

The Jets beat the Browns after covid stole their team, and the Jaguars are now the holders of a first round draft pick. Also, you’ll hear Jacob Snell talk, a story about Troy Aikman, and how Chef Bets are the greatest bets in the world.

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