Week 16 NFL Sleepy Sleepers

It’s here. The game you’ve all been waiting for. All the hours of constant reading, the tinkering, the podcast listening, It all comes down to this week. The Mother Fucking Championship!

You got here through having more knowledge than your opponent. You put in more work, you stayed up until 3AM to grab those guys off the waiver, you talked fierce shit and you deserve to face nothing but the best now. As always we have bad news each week in the National Football League and sometimes we lose our players to the grind. AB went down along with Marquise Lee and others but its time for one more hoorah and as much as we will miss them the show must go on. Here are our Week 16 sleepers at each position.

Quarterback: Tyrod Taylor

We all remember when we called this man T-Mobile. I personally don’t feel like he deserves a cool nickname anymore because it seems like he’s been hanging out with Flacco in the past year (Still Not Elite) and he may have rubbed off on him. I like the matchup and that’s why he’s here. Tyrod has only had 2 games this season where’s he’s put up more than 20 points but going up against the Pats dirty D, anything’s possible. Plug him in if you have nothing but mediocracy on the waiver wire because T-Mobile will show up on Sunday.

Running Back: Theo Riddick

When no one fears Ameer anymore you turn to Theo. Jim “Christmas Movie” Caldwell wont say that he’s benched Ameer but it sure as hell looks that way and when you’re playing against a Cincinnati team giving up the second most points to running backs, you don’t question that shit you just start the man who’s been getting the rock! Theo can be trusted as a safe flex play this week.

Wide Receiver: Dede Westbrook

Dede was nothing more than a letdown last week but this week he gets an easy matchup against the 49ers. Look for him to bounce back alongside Keenan Cole and Jaydon Mickens. I feel like this 49ers defense will have their work cut out for them figuring out who to cover and when you have that type of confusion, you go to the guy you’ve trusted to get you to this point. Allen Hurns is questionable as well.

Tight End: Antonio Gates

ANTONIO!!!!! Yeah son look who’s back catching balls and shit! Antonio Gates was a real mans man back in the not so distant gap. He led me to some championships and maybe, just maybe he can help win you one this week with Hunter Henry done for the year. Mr. Gates gets to play against a Jets defense giving up the 16th most points to tight ends but fuck it we’ll take those odds. With Keenan Allen doing his normal thing and no other truly solid receivers, Antonio should see a good bit of targets.

I would like to take this moment to share a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time and let this be my blessing to your Week 16.


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