Return of The Flash

In the year 2013 a star was born draped in brown and orange. Bursting into to the fantasy football scene with 87 receptions and 1,646 Receiving Yards (Not to mention he was sloshed most of these games). This man is none other than the notorious Josh Gordon.


After 2013 Gordon was caught up in the game. Everyone had found out he was smoking the devils lettuce and the league spit him out quicker than cold grits. He dabbled in car sales in the Cleveland area until he realized, “Hey, maybe I should focus on the money and stop getting shit housed on the reg.” It was off to rehab for Josh after that.

Now, 2017, The year of our lord. Something magical has happened. By the grace of god Josh Gordon is clean (or so we think). I for one am very excited to see this guy back in uniform and I see big things on the horizon for this guy even with the QB shit show Cleveland is. In Gordon’s debut game he posted an admirable 4 receptions and 85 yards. Its tough to be out of the league for three years and come back to put up a solid stat line like that.

So what’s next for ole Flash? What can we expect from him now that its playoff time? In the next few weeks the Browns will face off with the Packers, Ravens, and Bears. I’m definitely labeling Josh Gordon as a Flex/WR3 play this week against a 26th ranked passing defense. We should see sparks fly in the Doo Doo Dog Pound as Deshone releases the rock and puts it into the hands of the boy who lived (I went there). This play could really help you advance to the next round and put you closer to winning your ship.

The true test of mental will be the following week. The old Browns (Baltimore Ravens) will play the new Browns and their pass defense is ranked 3rd in the league. With defensive backs like Jimmy Smith and Brandon Carr tailing your every move, its hard to make things happen. This Baltimore team should have no issue keeping the Browns down and I feel its really important to say that Joe Flacco is NOT elite no matter how bad he wants to be.

The beauty of the story is just to show you that even you can go from making 10k a month selling drugs out your dorm room, partying like a maniac, getting drafted to an NFL team, boozing and smoking j’s before you hit the field to put up hefty ass fantasy numbers, fall off the fucking face of the earth, and return a new made man (maybe) just to do it all over again (the fantasy production, not the wild shit).

God Bless Josh “Flash” Gordon!



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