Garage Guys Do Austin, NBA Playoffs, NASCAR at Bristol, Garage Talk With Ross Bolen

Garage Guys head west to visit Austin Texas for Garage Talk With Ross Bolen of Grandex Media. Chase covers all the NBA Playoff action and tells you who should be in your fantasy NASCAR lineups this Sunday.





NFL Fantasy Coach Draft, Bob The Bullfrog, VR Porn And Music Appreciation

Chase and Jordan are back to their roots and they’re covering all the new updates with the NFL and follow up with a 2018 Coach Draft and explain their picks. Once garage talk comes around they Chase down a Bullfrog, talk about the porn industry and end on a high note discussing music and why it’s important. This week’s Garage Jam is “Running Through The Night” by FM84.

GGFS Easter Week Updates, The LA Rams Are Scary AF, Paranormal Garage Talk With Idaho Potato Farmers

Chase gives you the rundown on what’s going on in the sports world this week and how you can benefit in Fantasy Football from a few moves that have been made. We jam out to Thunderstruck by ACDC, then we buckle up for a wild Garage Talk where we dive into some paranormal expirences we’ve had with our special guests Corncob, PH, and Captain PH.


A Very Hot Take, STP 500, Tricky Tinders and Garage Talk with Cole AKA (.COM LLC)

Chase runs the Fantasy sports talk solo on this week’s show with a very hot take for the 2018 NFL season that could potentially lead you to a championship. Fantasy NASCAR lineup is built for this week’s race in Martinsville and Harvick drama looms. After sports talk we dive into another extended Garage Talk sesh with Cole AKA (.COM LLC). Tricky Tinders returns and we learn about a new game you can play while tailgating.

Garage Guys Visit Hammond America, NFL Free Agency, Garage Talk With Nate Monroe


Chase heads to Hammond America to chat with local musician Nathan Monroe about all things NFL Free Agency. We talk about all the hot moves to fill you in when you prepare to start mock drafting. After sports are done we dive in to a long Garage Talk that is sure to satisfy your ear holes. Garage Song Of The Week: Lil Yachty Feat Ugly God – BOOM!